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Check Out These Top 5 Ways To Customize Your Vehicle

What you drive is a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. Even if your ride isn’t a flashy hotrod, you can still trick it out with some value-added enhancements that make your ride just a little more joyful. Unless you’re lucky enough to have more than one primary vehicle, you’re probably only driving one car. So we wanted to share the top 5 ways to customize your vehicle to make sure you have it exactly right for your lifestyle with some custom upgrades.

Top 5 Ways to Customize Your Vehicle

Update / Enhance or Upgrade The Paint - An expensive but potentially more impactful upgrade is a custom paint job, but there are other options. When you bought your vehicle, you probably cared more about performance and reliability than a specific color, but there’s no reason your ride can’t look exactly the way you want it.

Customizing your vehicle with a vinyl graphic accent stripe or design is one way to spice up the existing paint color and instantly freshens up your vehicle. You can also choose to do a full color change vinyl wrap. The nice thing about choosing a vinyl wrap versus a paint job is that you can choose a flashy or trendy color as the wrap can always be removed. With professional installation, it is often difficult to even differentiate whether you are looking at paint or a vinyl wrap.

Protect The Vehicle Finish - Nothing irritates vehicle owners as much as a fresh ding or scratch. Consider installing a clear paint protection film that will keep your vehicle's paint looking great. This innovative film can be used to protect nearly the entire vehicle or just high wear areas like the door thresholds, door handle areas and the top of the rear bumper. Best of all, this product can help maintain the value of your vehicle by preventing scratches and dings that will lower what the next owner will pay.

In addition, ceramic paint coatings have become another great way to protect a vehicle's paint.Like wax, this liquid coating is applied by hand and then cures to the paint to provide a protective layer.

However, unlike waxes that wear off in months, these coatings will last for years protecting your finish from things like bird droppings, water marks, environmental contaminants and staining from insects and road grime. They also make it much easier to keep your vehicle looking clean and glossy as the coating does not allow the surface debris to stick to the paint.

Window Tint - A professionally installed window tint does more than just add that “cool factor” to your car. It can also reduce excessive heat from the sun, dangerous glare and filter out cancerous UV rays that can damage your health and bleach your interiors. Window tint also can add privacy and (okay, fine) a definite upgrade in the coolness department. There are different densities and performance of window tint that filter more or less light and heat, so visit an installation professional to decide which window film will be best for your life. Please make sure to understand the vehicle window tinting laws in your area by clicking HERE.

Upgrade The Interior Accessories - From mats to steering wheel covers, there’s a lot you can do to personalize your vehicle without ever heading to a mechanic. Upgrade your floor mats for added style and protection. You can even have custom mats made with colors and phrases to match your décor. Steering wheel covers or refinishes can add some extra impact, and you can even add custom foot pedals to your vehicle that are better looking and easier to use. Finally, don’t forget phone holsters and other mobile phone add-ons that can be inexpensively added yourself!

Improve The Audio System - Who doesn’t love listening to music in the car? A great audio system improves your audio experience and transforms your car into your own personal studio. No recording booth necessary. If you want to customize your audio system, you’ll need to do some research as to which system works best with your car.

Not all systems will be compatible. Full audio systems can get pricey, but you don’t have to go for a high-octane stereo system to enjoy an upgrade. You can even implement basic add-ons to increase the functionality of your stock system. Get one that works for you and your budget. If you want help, you can visit a vehicle audio pro who can help you make a decision, source the equipment and complete the installation.

If you are looking for local specialists for your car customizing needs, we can help! We specialize in helping customize your vehicle to suit their tastes and needs. If you have questions, click HERE, and then contact us by calling 619-422-1199. Find out why we are the #1 source for automotive window tinting and paint protection film in the San Diego, California area.


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