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Buffing a Car

In paint enhancement we use finer grades of polishes that use light abrasives to bring the flake or pearl back into your paint color. The goal of paint enhancement is improvement not perfection. We are not working to get the paint swirl free, we are working to remove top layer defects that take away your car’s shine. After this service your paint will look significantly enhanced with depth. 

Paint Enhancement

  • Hand wash

  • Chemical decontamination

  • Mechanical decontamination

  • Cleaning door jams

  • Wipe down of interior

  • Vacuuming of interior 

  • Clean windows inside and out

  • Wheels, tires and wells degreased 

  • Wheels, tire and exterior trim dressing

  • Gloss enhancement polish 

  • Sealant application to exterior paint (6 months protection)

One Step Correction

  • Everything from our gloss enhancement

  • Plus one step paint correction machine polishing to all painted vehicle surfaces for enhanced gloss and defects (marring , swirl and oxidation) removal

paint correction.jpg

This one is self-explanatory. It’s a single step polishing job using a cutting compound (or the liquid polish) and a pad. The single stage paint correction is intended to remove small marring and swirl marks that are lightly removed.

Man Polishing Car

When the car’s paint has moderate or medium swirl marks and scratches that are embedded in the clear, stage 2 is the next progression. At this point, you’re going to use (2) different polishes and pad combinations. Typically – it starts by using a more abrasive polish first, then stepping down to a finer compound, to remove any light scratches left by the first step.

Two Step Correction

  • Everything from our gloss enhancement

  • Plus two step paint correction machine polishing that removes a majority of paint defects and enhanced gloss to a much higher level above our one - step paint correction package

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