Cleaning with Soap

Express Detailed


  • Foam hand wash using 2 bucket method

  • Rim detail clean / decontamination / protect with hydrophobic sealant

  • Clay bar decontamination treatment to paint and glass

  • Bug & tar removal

  • Windows cleaned 

  • Drying of cracks and crevices with force air

  • Apply protection to exterior trim

  • Apply no-sling tire dressing

  • Hydrophobic sealant to paint & windows 


  • Vacuum entire interior 

  • Complete wipe down

  • Apply UV protectant to all hard surfaces

  • Clean and condition leather seats

  • Clean vents

  • Clean windows inside 

Polishing Car

Full Interior Detail

  • Thorough vacuum of entire interior

  • Steam cleaning of interior of vehicle 

  • Steering wheel scrub

  • All upholstery, vents, dash, crevices, buttons, cup holders, armrest, glove box washed

  • Door panel washed

  • Carpet & mats steam cleaned/shampoo

  • Carpet blow out with compressed air & brushed for thorough debris removal

  • Leather seats shampoo

  • Fabric seats shampoo scrub 

  • Leather seats conditioner 

  • Spot clean headliner 

  • UV protectant applied to interior trims, vinyl, plastic, door panels, dash, etc

  • Aire freshener 

  • Windows cleaned

interior 2.jpg

Full interior detail w/tempo heated hot water extraction (seats, flooring, mats)​

Car Engine

Full engine bay detail